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Promoting Great Outcomes

People and leaders have Unscripted potential to develop themselves, groups, and organizations. Often people underestimate their ability to influence others. Our clients have the ability to be an instrument of change. 

While Unscripted is not focused on one central theory of leadership development, there is an expressed interest in promoting a growth mindset, whereby optimistic viewpoints and positive psychology establish a strong foundation for great outcomes. Too often people limit potential by casting self-doubt or perceive problems from a deficit perspective instead of looking for trust, compassion, and empowerment. 

We attempt to lead by example in assuming positive intent, building on the best attributes of an individual or team, and moving with pace to support our client’s objectives. 

Unscripted promotes great outcomes by using an established model of executive coaching, a variety of behavioral and personality assessments to promote great self and team awareness, and tailored leadership programs to meet the expressed needs of our client’s.


What is the ROI?


Companies invest in projects and talent for one reason: To realize a profitable outcome. We are not blind to this motivation. 


Unscripted delivers results in the following ways:


  • More productive teams with better engagement

  • Higher performing leaders with motivated followers

  • Reduced staff turnover and fewer performance management issues

  • Less wasted time battling negative conflict


Even incremental improvement in any of these areas more than pays the bill for our engagement. 

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What our Clients say...

“Ben is an excellent coach who helped me assess my executive presence, work style, and values... a trusted advisor”


“Thank you for all your support and guidance. It has made a huge difference”


“Your services added value to our bottom line”


“It has been awesome. Everyone is very engaged and people trust you.”



We bring clarity and commitment to each engagement. Transparency, mutual trust, and confidentiality are essential to being effective as your adviser and leadership practitioner. Our goal is to do no harm and leave your place better than we found it. 


Brand Builders Podcast


Click here to listen Ben talk with the guys at Brand Builders Podcast


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